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The "Mini Putt" is our smallest boat. Drop it in your shirt pocket. At 4" it's the smallest currently manufactured pop pop boat. Green dot on the stern is a rivet that the rudder pivots on. These things are a riot! Assorted colors, with gold top.

Price: $2.50

Don't forget extra candles! Although most of these boats will run on olive oil, candles are the safest and most dependable fuel. We sell 8 packs of candles... as many packages as you want.


Price: $1.50 per 8 pak

Gunboat with action moving cannons. When you fire this one up the guns move up and down with the top of the motor. This is one of our "Action" boats from Australia. Look for more action boats coming soon. We have moving radar available in other boats.

Price: $10.00

Assorted color basic chimney boats. Come in a plastic bag with header card. This is the basic version of our other chimney boats.

Price: $2.50

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