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Warning! These boats are not sold as children's toys as they may have sharp edges. These boats are sold as metal replica collector items only!
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This is a classic reproduction of the early 1950's Japanese style pop pop boats , with a face in every window.

Great looking, unique detailed Chinese made pop pop boat. Great action, better display item. Digital movies. Click "Movie Theatre" to view.

5 3/4"L


Smaller, newly designed Harbor Tug. Now lithographed instead of painted. New hull design sits higher and has a rudder. Click this text for more details. Be sure to see it in action with our digital movies. Click the "Move Theatre" link!
6"L, Steam

Imported from India. The "Super Steamboat" comes ready to run. Great starter boat. Great runner. View it in action on the pond by going to the "Movie Theatre" link on the main page.
6" L

Imported Working Steamers! Pop Pop boats operate using an actual miniature "flash boiler" steam engine. These were popular toys as far back as the 20's. Click here to find out- How they work! -Don't forget to check out our new models! Click Here! to view photos of them.

** The order number for each boat is listed just above the price. You may submit multiple order forms, or one with all of your choices in it. Be sure to indicate the item number and short description in your order form. Email us if you have questions about any of the items listed here. Also, realize that this page represents only a small portion of our stock. Be sure to check our other page links for more. Just click the links on the left side of the page.


Unpainted Small Tug Kit

NEW!! The "Rum Runner"

Another great boat from India. No collection complete without these. Super Runners! Comes in colorful box. $8.00

Limited Edition. #RR-1